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Introducing our law firm

Atlas Illustrated
is creating 
a new standard
in content management.

Atlas Illustrated

Atlas Illustrated is creating a new standard in content management—one that stands the test of time while honoring the current times. We are rooted in tradition—when journalistic integrity led the industry—and are mindful of the future. Our approach to communication pairs human ingenuity with automation tools that allow your organization to remain relevant and meaningful. From consultation and creation to design and publishing, Atlas Illustrated will help you excel at communicating with the world. 

Our Services


Communications Solutions

We provide full-scope communications solutions for our clients. This includes defining the concept, researching the idea, creating the content and editing for style and intent. We can also guide you through the publishing process, whether through a traditional house or on your own.



We guide your organization on content creation and standards development. This includes developing style guidelines, creating proprietary templates and organizing in-house data. We can also advise on a humane approach to AI optimization and on industry standards innovation. 



We help build and manage talent you can rely on for your ongoing content needs. This includes staff that specializes in research, development, writing and editing, as well as access to field experts. Our expansive network includes authors, journalists, linguists, analysts, designers and more.


Think Tank

We advise early stage companies on how to build a strong and sustainable communications department. This often includes cross-sector knowledge and cross-cultural insight that informs team performance. Our services include targeted research and creative curation that ensures success.  

A word after a word

after a word is power

Margaret Atwood

Atlas Illustrated

Our valuesintegrity, expertise and empathy—align to serve the unique needs of our clients. Whether you are a first-time author looking to publish your work or an enterprise-level organization needing to establish content standards, our firm can help elevate your communications for a target audience or across the globe.

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