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Atlas Illustrated

 Founded Now

We are creating a new standard in content management—
one that stands the test of time while honoring the current times.

Atlas Illustrated

Our Vision

In recent decades, human communication has undergone a profound transformation. This shift began when technology responded to our fingertips—beyond the click clack ding of an old-school typewriter and onward to the pinch-and-swipe of touch computing. The rise of smartphones and social media has made way for instant gratification, while video calls and cloud storage have improved global connectivity. We are now in the age of automation.

While these advances connect us in new ways, the constant stream of information and ease of sharing have led to an information overload. Discerning reliable sources and managing the influx of data have become challenges in the digital age.


At Atlas Illustrated, we believe the human mind can harness novel forms of communication with intention and integrity. Our goal is to foster a global environment where information flows seamlessly, collaboration is intuitive, and the power of meaningful content transforms the way we connect, engage and inspire. We are here to foster excellence in this new era of communication.

Rachael Mamane

Founding Director


Rachael Mamane is a nominated author and executive consultant across sectors with significant experience in product development, operations excellence and marketing strategy. She has held positions with Microsoft and consulted to Apple, as well as many seed and philanthropic organizations.

Her work has been featured by The New York Times, Forbes, National Public Radio, Chelsea Green Publishing, The Splendid Table and more. Her projects have been supported by the United Nations Environmental Program and endorsed by UNESCO. She has exhibited at Harvard Law School and participated in early incubators at Stanford University. She is now studying MIT's linguistics program in her spare time. 

Rachael often finds herself surrounded by sponsors and executives, artists and writers, analysts and linguists, technicians and even farmers. Though this audience seems disparate, she believes all are intrinsically related. The art of communication is at the root of her passion: a desire to be at the forefront of defining new ways to connect humans in meaningful ways.

Our Founder

History will be kind to me

for I intend to write it. 

Winston S. Churchill

Value 01.


Atlas Illustrated recognizes that the information we manage holds immense value—for both our clients and their audiences as well. Our pledge is to ensure the accuracy, reliability and security of the content we handle. We prioritize the authenticity and credibility of information within our content management solutions, fostering trust among our clients and their stakeholders.


By embracing integrity as a core value, we aim to empower our clients to communicate with confidence, knowing that their content is efficiently managed and reflects the highest standards of communicating within the digital landscape.

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